Taxon: Corylus heterophylla Fisch. ex Trautv.

Genus: Corylus
    Section: Corylus
      Subsection: Corylus
Family: Betulaceae
  Subfamily: Coryloideae
Nomen number: 11650
Place of publication: Pl. imag. descr. fl. russ. 10, t. 4. 1844
Name Verified on: 10-Aug-1998 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 14-Jan-2006
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Corvallis (COR)
Accessions: 63 in National Plant Germplasm System (GoogleMap)

Common names:

  • Siberian filbert  (Source: Handb Nuts) - English
  • Siberian hazel  (Source: AH 505) - English
  • mandschurische Hasel  (Source: Mansf Ency) - German
  • mongolische Haselnuß  (Source: Zander Ency) - German
  • sibirische Haselnuß  (Source: Mansf Ency) - German
  • ō-hashibami  (Source: F JapanOhwi) - Japanese Rōmaji
  • ohyō-hashibami  (Source: F JapanOhwi) - Japanese Rōmaji
  • zhen  (Source: F ChinaEng) - Transcribed Chinese
  • leščina raznolistnaja  (Source: Mansf Ency) - Transliterated Russian

Economic Importance:

  • Environmental: ornamental (fide Krussmann)
  • Human food: nut (fide L Edible Pl; Handb Nuts)
  • Gene sources: cold tolerance for European filbert (fide Mansf Ency)
  • Gene sources: graft stock relative for European filbert (fide Acta Hort 290:817. 1991)
  • Gene sources: potential for disease resistance in filbert (fide HortScience 29:506. 1994)
  • Gene sources: secondary genetic relative of European filbert (based on fertile hybrids with Corylus avellana (as female parent) fide J Amer Soc Hort Sci 125:493. 2000)
  • Gene sources: secondary genetic relative of Turkish filbert (based on crosses with Corylus colurna fide J Amer Soc Hort Sci 125:492. 2000)

Distributional Range:


  • Asia-Temperate

    • China: China - Anhui, - Zhejiang, - Heilongjiang, - Henan, - Hebei, - Hunan, - Hubei, - Gansu, - Jiangxi, - Jiangsu, - Jilin, - Guizhou, - Liaoning, - Shanxi, - Shandong, - Shaanxi, - Sichuan, - Nei Monggol, - Ningxia
    • Eastern Asia: Japan - Hokkaido, - Honshu, - Kyushu; Korea
    • Mongolia: Mongolia
    • Russian Far East: Russian Federation - Khabarovsk, - Primorye, - Amur
    • Siberia: Russian Federation - Chita

  • Cultivated:

  • Asia-Temperate

    • Eastern Asia: Japan
  • Europe

    • Eastern Europe: Lithuania


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