Taxon: Platonia insignis Mart.

Genus: Platonia
Family: Clusiaceae (alt.Guttiferae)
Nomen number: 310496
Place of publication: Nov. gen. sp. pl. 3:169, t. 289. 1832
Comment: an illegitimate, superfluous name (Melbourne ICN Art. 52) if the cited Moronobea esculenta Arruda treated as validly published, which the Committee for Spermatophyta considered not so while contradictorily recommending it for rejection
Name Verified on: 31-Aug-2006 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 21-May-2013
Species priority site is:
Accessions: 5 in National Plant Germplasm System

Common names:

Economic Importance:

  • Human food: potential as fruit (fide CoopAmaz 44:54-55. 1996, as P. esculenta)
  • Fuels: potential as biomass for energy generation (fide Soluc Pract ITDG 51:97.)
  • Materials: wax (used for candles and soaps fide Handb Nuts, as P. esculenta)
  • Materials: wood (used for candles and soaps fide Handb Nuts, as P. esculenta)

Distributional Range:


  • Southern America

    • Brazil: Brazil - Amazonas, - Mato Grosso, - Para
    • Northern South America: Guyana; Suriname
    • Southern South America: Paraguay
    • Western South America: Colombia


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