Taxon: Acanthocereus tetragonus (L.) Hummelinck

Genus: Acanthocereus
Family: Cactaceae
  Subfamily: Cactoideae
      Tribe: Echinocereeae
Nomen number: 401479
Place of publication: Succulenta (Netherlands) 20:165. 1938
Name Verified on: 21-Mar-1995 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 29-Jun-2011
Species priority site is:
Accessions: 1 in National Plant Germplasm System

Common names:

Economic Importance:

  • CITES Appendix II: ()
  • Weed: (fide Econ Pl Aust, as A. pentagonus)

Distributional Range:


  • Northern America

    • Northern Mexico: Mexico - San Luis Potosi, - Sinaloa, - Sonora, - Tamaulipas
    • South-Central U.S.A.: United States - Texas
    • Southeastern U.S.A.: United States - Florida
    • Southern Mexico: Mexico - Campeche, - Chiapas, - Guerrero, - Jalisco, - Michoacan, - Nayarit, - Oaxaca, - Quintana Roo, - Tabasco, - Veracruz, - Yucatan
  • Southern America

    • Caribbean: Cuba; Dominica; Grenada; Guadeloupe; Martinique; Netherlands Antilles; St. Lucia; Trinidad and Tobago
    • Central America: Belize; Costa Rica; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua; Panama
    • Northern South America: Venezuela

  • Naturalized:

  • Australasia

    • Australia: Australia - Queensland
  • Pacific

    • North-Central Pacific: United States - Hawaii
    • Southwestern Pacific: New Caledonia


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