Taxon: Rhynchospora nervosa Boeck. subsp. ciliata (G. Mey.) T. Koyama

Synonym of Rhynchospora ciliata (G. Mey.) Kük.

Genus: Rhynchospora
Family: Cyperaceae
  Subfamily: Cyperoideae
      Tribe: Rhynchosporeae
Nomen number: 402815
Place of publication: Madroño 20:254. 1970
Comment: Koyama's combination is validly published despite his improper citation of the illegitimate basionym D. ciliata Vahl, since it would otherwise be validly published as a nom. nov. for Schoenus ciliatus G. Mey. (Melbourne ICN Art. 41.8 & Ex. 22)
Name Verified on: 20-Apr-2009 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 10-Mar-2017
Species priority site is:
Accessions: 0 in National Plant Germplasm System

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