Taxon: Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Kunth

Genus: Gliricidia
Family: Fabaceae (alt.Leguminosae)
  Subfamily: Faboideae
      Tribe: Robinieae
Nomen number: 17647
Place of publication: W. G. Walpers, Repert. bot. syst. 1:679. 1842 (Steudel, Nomencl. bot. ed. 2, 1:688. 1840, pro syn.)
Comment: authorship verified from original literature, where Kunth is acknowledged (p. III) as "fautor" (W. Greuter, pers. comm. via e-mail to K. Gandhi on 19 Dec 2008)
Name Verified on: 28-Jun-1989 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 10-May-2012
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Miami (MIA)
Accessions: 1 in National Plant Germplasm System

Common names:

  • Nicaraguan cocoashade  (Source: Hortus 3) - English
  • quick-stick  (Source: Pl Res SEAs) - English
  • mãe-do-cacau  (Source: pers. comm.) - Portuguese (Brazil)
  • planta-mãe-do-cacau  (Source: pers. comm.) - Portuguese (Brazil)
  • cacahuananche  (Source: Pap AU Wagen) - Spanish
  • madre de cacao  (Source: F Panama) - Spanish
  • madriado  (Source: Pap AU Wagen) - Spanish
  • madricacao  (Source: Pap AU Wagen) - Spanish
  • mata ratón  (Source: Trianea) - Spanish

Economic Importance:

  • Bee plants: honey production (fide Trop Leg)
  • Environmental: agroforestry (fide Pl Res SEAs 4:133-134. 1992)
  • Environmental: shade/shelter (fide Pl Res SEAs 4:133-134. 1992)
  • Environmental: soil improver (fide Pl Res SEAs 4:133-134. 1992)
  • Animal food: potential as forage (fide Pl Res SEAs 4:133-134. 1992)
  • Fuels: charcoal (fide Pl Res SEAs 4:133-134. 1992)
  • Fuels: fuelwood (fide Pl Res SEAs 4:133-134. 1992)
  • Materials: wood (timber fide Syst Bot M 45:101. 1995)
  • Medicines: folklore (fide Herbs Commerce ed2)

Distributional Range:


  • Northern America

    • : Mexico
  • Southern America

    • Central America: Belize; Costa Rica; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua

  • Naturalized:

    . natzd. elsewhere


    . also cult.


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