Taxon: Solanum sodomeum auct.

Synonym of Solanum linnaeanum Hepper & P.-M. L. Jaeger

Genus: Solanum
Subgenus: Leptostemonum
Section: Melongena
Family: Solanaceae
Subfamily: Solanoideae
Tribe: Solaneae
Nomen number: 300567
Place of publication:
Link to protologue:
Comment: non Solanum sodomeum L., nom. rej. (= S. anguivi Lam.), a rejected name (nomen utique rejiciendum) under Melbourne ICN Art. 56 & App. V that is unavailable for use
Name Verified on: 09-Dec-1991 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 21-May-2013
Species priority site is: Potato Germplasm Introduction Station (NR6)
Accessions: 0 in National Plant Germplasm System


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