Taxon: Gossypium trilobum (DC.) Skovst.

Genus: Gossypium
Subgenus: Houzingenia
Section: Houzingenia
Subsection: Houzingenia
Family: Malvaceae
Subfamily: Malvoideae
Tribe: Gossypieae
Nomen number: 5293
Place of publication: J. Genet. 31:288. 1935
Link to protologue:
Name Verified on: 09-Aug-1999 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 05-Nov-2001
Species priority site is: Cotton Collection (COT)
Accessions: 12 in National Plant Germplasm System

Common names:

Economic Importance:

  • Gene sources: potential for pest resistance in cotton (fide Field Crops Res 134:120. 2012)
  • Gene sources: tertiary genetic relative of cotton (based on hybrid formation with Gossypium hirsutum by embryo rescue fide Crop Sci 25:1017. 1985)
  • Gene sources: tertiary genetic relative of Sea Island cotton (based on failed crosses with Gossypium barbadense fide Crop Sci 25:1017. 1985)
  • Gene sources: tertiary genetic relative of short-staple cotton (based on failed crosses with Gossypium herbaceum fide Crop Sci 25:1017. 1985)
  • Gene sources: tertiary genetic relative of tree cotton (based on failed crosses with Gossypium arboreum fide Crop Sci 25:1017. 1985)

Distributional Range:


  • Northern America

    • Northern Mexico: Mexico Sinaloa
    • Southern Mexico: Mexico Jalisco, Mexico, Michoacan, Morelos


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