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Taxon: Canavalia rosea (Sw.) DC.

Genus: Canavalia
Family: Fabaceae (alt.Leguminosae)
Subfamily: Faboideae
Tribe: Phaseoleae
Subtribe: Diocleinae
Nomen number: 8841
Place of publication: Prodr. 2:404. 1825
Link to protologue:
Name Verified on: 26-Oct-2009 by ARS Systematic Botanists.
Accessions: 24 (0 active, 0 available) in National Plant Germplasm System

Autonyms (not in current use), synonyms and invalid designations:

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Common names:

Economic Importance:

  • Environmental: erosion control
  • Materials: beads

Distributional Range:


    • NORTHEAST TROPICAL AFRICA: Somalia (coasts)
    • EAST TROPICAL AFRICA: Kenya (coasts), Tanzania (coasts)
    • WEST-CENTRAL TROPICAL AFRICA: Cameroon (coasts), Democratic Republic of the Congo (coasts), Equatorial Guinea (coasts), Gabon (coasts), Sao Tome and Principe (coasts)
    • WEST TROPICAL AFRICA: Benin (coasts), Cote D'Ivoire (coasts), Gambia (coasts), Ghana (coasts), Guinea-Bissau (coasts), Liberia (coasts), Nigeria (coasts), Senegal (coasts), Sierra Leone (coasts), Togo (coasts)
    • SOUTH TROPICAL AFRICA: Angola (coasts), Mozambique (coasts)
    • SOUTHERN AFRICA: South Africa [KwaZulu-Natal (coasts), Eastern Cape (coasts), Mpumalanga (coasts)]
    • WESTERN INDIAN OCEAN: Madagascar (coasts), Mauritius (coasts), Reunion (coasts)

    • CHINA: China, [Guangdong Sheng (coasts), Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu (coasts)] Hong Kong (coasts)
    • EASTERN ASIA: Japan, [Ryukyu Islands (coasts)] Taiwan (coasts)

    • INDIAN SUBCONTINENT: Bangladesh (coasts), India, [Andhra Pradesh (coasts), Gujarat (coasts), Maharashtra (coasts), Odisha (coasts), Tamil Nadu (coasts), West Bengal (coasts), Karnataka (coasts), Goa (coasts)] Sri Lanka (coasts)
    • PAPUASIA: Papua New Guinea (coasts)
    • INDO-CHINA: Myanmar (coasts)
    • MALESIA: Brunei Darussalam (coasts), Indonesia (coasts), Malaysia (coasts), Philippines (coasts), Singapore (coasts)

    • AUSTRALIA: Australia [New South Wales (coasts), Northern Territory (coasts), Queensland (coasts), Western Australia (n. coasts)]

    Northern America
    • SOUTHEASTERN U.S.A.: United States [Florida (coasts)]
    • SOUTH-CENTRAL U.S.A.: United States [Texas (s. coasts)]
    • NORTHERN MEXICO: Mexico [Sinaloa (coasts), Tamaulipas (coasts)]
    • SOUTHERN MEXICO: Mexico [Campeche (coasts), Chiapas (coasts), Colima (coasts), Guerrero (coasts), Jalisco (coasts), Michoacán de Ocampo, Nayarit (coasts), Oaxaca (coasts), Puebla, Quintana Roo (coasts), Tabasco (coasts), Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave (coasts), Yucatán (coasts)]

    • NORTHWESTERN PACIFIC: Marshall Islands (coasts), Micronesia (coasts)
    • SOUTHWESTERN PACIFIC: Fiji (coasts)

    Southern America
    • CARIBBEAN: Anguilla (coasts), Antigua and Barbuda (coasts), Bahamas (coasts), Barbados (coasts), Bermuda (coasts), Cayman Islands (coasts), Cuba (coasts), Dominica (coasts), Dominican Republic (coasts), Grenada (coasts), Guadeloupe (coasts), Haiti (coasts), Jamaica (coasts), Martinique (coasts), Netherlands Antilles (coasts), St. Lucia (coasts), St. Vincent and Grenadines (coasts), Trinidad and Tobago (coasts), United States [Puerto Rico (coasts)]
    • CENTRAL AMERICA: Belize (coasts), Costa Rica (coasts), Guatemala (coasts), Honduras (coasts), Nicaragua (coasts), Panama (coasts)
    • NORTHERN SOUTH AMERICA: French Guiana (coasts), Guyana (coasts), Suriname (coasts), Venezuela (coasts)
    • BRAZIL: Brazil (coasts)
    • WESTERN SOUTH AMERICA: Colombia (coasts), Ecuador (coasts), Peru (coasts)


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