Taxon: Cedrela odorata L.

Genus: Cedrela
Family: Meliaceae
Nomen number: 9685
Place of publication: Syst. nat. ed. 10, 2:940. 1759
Link to protologue:
Name Verified on: 10-Nov-1994 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 12-Sep-2005
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Miami (MIA)
Accessions: 1 in National Plant Germplasm System

Common names:

  • Barbados-cedar  (Source: HerbSpices) - English
  • cigar-box-cedar  (Source: HerbSpices) - English
  • Mexican-cedar  (Source: Websters Dict) - English
  • Spanish-cedar  (Source: Dict Rehm) - English
  • West Indian-cedar  (Source: Dict Rehm) - English
  • cèdre acajou  (Source: Dict Rehm) - French
  • cèdre des barbares  (Source: Dict Rehm) - French
  • westindische Zeder  (Source: Dict Rehm) - German
  • cedro colorado  (Source: Names Soukup) - Spanish
  • cedro real  (Source: Dict Rehm) - Spanish
  • cigarrlådeträd  (Source: Kulturvaxtdatabas) - Swedish
  • nan mei xiang chun  (Source: F Taiwan) - Transcribed Chinese
  • yang chun  (Source: F ChinaEng) - Transcribed Chinese

Economic Importance:

  • CITES Appendix III: (populations of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru)
  • Environmental: ornamental (fide Invasive Pl Spec)
  • Environmental: shade/shelter (for shade/shelter over coffee fide F Neotrop 28:379-384. 1981)
  • Materials: essential oils (fide F Ceylon)
  • Materials: wood (timber fide Ency WTimber)
  • Medicines: folklore (fide Herbs Commerce ed2)
  • Weed: (fide Invasive Pl Spec)

Distributional Range:


  • Northern America

    • Mexico
  • Southern America

    • Brazil: Brazil
    • Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda ; Barbados ; Cayman Islands ; Cuba ; Dominica ; Dominican Republic ; Grenada ; Guadeloupe ; Haiti ; Jamaica ; Martinique ; Netherlands Antilles Curacao; Puerto Rico ; St. Lucia ; Trinidad and Tobago
    • Central America: Belize ; Costa Rica ; El Salvador ; Guatemala ; Honduras ; Nicaragua ; Panama
    • Northern South America: French Guiana ; Guyana ; Suriname ; Venezuela
    • Southern South America: Argentina
    • Western South America: Bolivia ; Ecuador ; Peru

  • Naturalized

  • Africa

    • Africa
  • Northern America

    • United States
  • Southern America

    • Western South America: Ecuador Galapagos Islands

  • Cultivated


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