Family  Celastraceae R. Br., nom. cons.

Family number: 235    Last Updated: 12-Jan-2017
Alternate name:
Number of accepted genera: 99
Type genus: Celastrus L.
Comments: dicot family

Complete list of genera


  1. Simmons, M. P. et al. 2008. Phylogeny of the Celastreae (Celastraceae) and the relationships of Catha edulis (qat) inferred from morphological characters and nuclear and plastid genes. Molec. Phylogenet. Evol. 48:745-757.
  2. Zhang, L.-B. & M. P. Simmons. 2006. Phylogeny and delimitation of the Celastrales inferred from nuclear and plastid genes. Syst. Bot. 31:122-137. URL:

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