Family: Malaceae Small, nom. cons.

Synonym of Rosaceae Juss., nom. cons.

Family number: 683    Last Updated: 12-Jan-2017
Alternate name:
Number of accepted genera: 0
Type genus: Malus Mill.
Comments: dicot family

Complete list of genera

References for   family:

  • Applequist, W. L. 2014. Report of the Nomenclature Committee for Vascular Plants: 66. (Taxon) 63:1360.
  • Gunner, S. T. et al. 2008. (2038) Proposal to conserve Malaceae<./I>, nom. cons., against Amygdalaceae, nom. cons. (Magnoliophyta), a "superconservation" proposal. (Taxon) 60:1776-1778.
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