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Taxon: Hordeum depressum (Scribn. & J. G. Sm.) Rydb.

Genus: Hordeum
Subgenus: Hordeastrum
Section: Stenostachys
Family: Poaceae (alt.Gramineae)
Subfamily: Pooideae
Tribe: Triticeae
Subtribe: Hordeinae
Nomen number: 19281
Place of publication: Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 36:539. 1909
Link to protologue:
Name Verified on: 05-Nov-2007 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last Changed: 05-Nov-2007
Species priority site is: National Small Grains Collection (NSGC)
Accessions: 0 (0 active, 0 available) in National Plant Germplasm System


Common names:

  • low barley  (Source: F NAmer) - English

Distributional Range:


    Northern America
    • WESTERN CANADA: Canada [British Columbia (w.)]
    • NORTHWESTERN U.S.A.: United States [Idaho (n.), Oregon, Washington]
    • SOUTHWESTERN U.S.A.: United States [California, Nevada]


    Northern America
    • NORTHERN MEXICO: Mexico [Baja California (Norte) (n.?)]


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