Genus: Schwartzia Vell.

Family: Marcgraviaceae
Subfamily: Noranteoideae
Genus number: 10936
Last updated: 13-Dec-2002
Accession Count: 0 (0 active, 0 available) in National Plant Germplasm System

List of Species Records in GRIN

References for genus:

  • Giraldo-Canas, D. 2002. Studies on the genus Schwartzia Vellozo (Marcgraviaceae) - a new species from the Andean Central Cordillera of Colombia. (Novon) 12:456-459.
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  • Machado, A. F. P. et al. 2014. (12) Request for a binding decision on whether Swartzia Schreb. (Leguminosae) and Schwartzia Vell. (Marcgraviaceae) are sufficiently alike to be confused. (Taxon) 63:695.
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