Genus: Sparrmannia L. f.

Family: Malvaceae
  Subfamily: Grewioideae
Altfamily: Tiliaceae
Genus number: 11326
Last updated: 21-Jan-2014
Accession Count: 3
Comments: conserved (nom. cons.) with this spelling (Melbourne ICN Art. 14.11 & App. III) against the original spelling "Sparmannia"\; also conserved (nom. cons.)(Melbourne ICN Art. 14) over the earlier parahomonym (Melbourne ICN Art. 53.3) Sparmannia Buc'hoz, nom. rej.

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References for  genus:

  • Brummitt, R. K. 1993. Report of the Committee for Spermatophyta: 39. (Taxon) 42:873-874.
  • Codd, L. E. & Nicholas 1989. (965) Proposal to conserve the spelling 4957 Sparrmannia L. f. against Sparmannia L. f. (Tiliaceae). (Taxon) 38:669-670.
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