Genus: Billia Peyr.

Family: Sapindaceae
  Subfamily: Hippocastanoideae
      Tribe: Hippocastaneae
Altfamily: Hippocastanaceae
Genus number: 1457
Last updated: 21-Jan-2014
Accession Count: 0
Comments: conserved (nom. cons.)(Melbourne ICN Art. 14 & App. III) over the earlier parahomonym (Melbourne ICN Art. 53.3) Billya Cass., nom. rej.

List of Species Records in GRIN

References for  genus:

  • Forest, F. et al. 2001. A morphological phylogenetic analysis of Aesculus L. and Billia Peyr. (Sapindaceae). Canad. J. Bot. 79:154-169.
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