Genus: Glandularia J. F. Gmel.

Sometimes included in: Verbena L.

Family: Verbenaceae
Common names: verbena, vervain
Genus number: 14656
Last updated: 04-Nov-2011
Accession Count: 19

List of Species Records in GRIN

References for  genus:

  • Nesom, G. L. & L. A. Vorobik 1988. A new species of Glandularia (Verbenaceae) from Tamaulipas, Mexico. (Sida) 13:31-33.
  • O'Leary, N. et al. 2009. Reassignment of species of paraphyletic Junellia s. l. to the new genus Mulguraea (Verbenaceae) and new circumscription of genus Junellia: molecular and morphological congruence. Syst. Bot. 34:777-786.
  • Umber, R. E. 1979. The genus Glandularia (Verbenaceae) in North America. Syst. Bot. 4:72-102.
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