Genus: Toxicodendron Mill.

Sometimes included in: Rhus L.

Family: Anacardiaceae
Subfamily: Anacardioideae
Common names: sumac
Genus number: 16822
Last updated: 08-Nov-2011
Accession Count: 25

List of Species Records in GRIN

References for  genus:

  • Gillis, W. T. 1971. The systematics and ecology of poison-ivy and the poison-oaks (Toxicodendron, Anacardiaceae). (Rhodora) 73:72-159, 161-237, 370-443, 465-540.
  • Nie, Z.-L. et al. 2009. Phylogenetic analysis of Toxicodendron (Anacardiaceae) and its biogeographic implications on the evolution of north temperate and tropical intercontinental disjunctions. J. Syst. Evol. 47:416-430.
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