Genus: Cissus L.

Family: Vitaceae
  Subfamily: Vitoideae
Common names: treebine
Genus number: 2630
Last updated: 03-Apr-2006
Accession Count: 41

List of Species Records in GRIN

References for  genus:

  • Liu, X.-Q. et al. 2013. Molecular phylogeny of Cissus L. of Vitaceae (the grape family) and evolution of its pantropical intercontinental disjunctions. Molec. Phylogenet. Evol. 66:43-53.
  • Rossetto, M. et al. 2002. Is the genus Cissus (Vitaceae) monophyletic? Evidence from plastid and nuclear ribosomal DNA. Syst. Bot. 27:522-533.
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  • Embryo drawing: U.S. National Seed Herbarium drawing
  • Fruit: U.S. National Seed Herbarium image
  • Seed: U.S. National Seed Herbarium image