Genus: Ichtyoselmis Lidén & Fukuhara

Sometimes included in: Dicentra Bernh.

Family: Papaveraceae
  Subfamily: Fumarioideae
      Tribe: Fumarieae
        Subtribe: Corydalinae
Altfamily: Fumariaceae
Genus number: 28001
Last updated: 14-Mar-2017
Accession Count: 0
Comments: all accepted species are in GRIN

List of Species Records in GRIN

References for  genus:

  • Lidén, M. et al. 1997. Phylogeny and classification of Fumariaceae, with emphasis on Dicentra s.l., based on the plastid gene rps16 intron. Pl. Syst. Evol. 206:411-420.
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